Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I Surrender! the best annoying and addictive game ever


I Surrender! is one of those games which are soo annoying that it makes u play them over and over again. I mean this game will embarrass you and make you feel defeated sometimes. But at the same time it'll appreciate you and make you feel good if you finish the level. This'll make you wanna play 
this game and finish it.

The game has two parts in a single level. The upper part where it usually annoys you and the lower part where it usually makes you feel good. The game achieves this task by displaying text on the screen which usually reflect your emotions at that level more or less accurately. 




There are obstacles in different shapes that require perfect timing from you to avoid crashing. If you jump too early, you’ll crash. If you jump too late, you’ll crash.

There are leader boards and stuff too.. There are 2 stages which contain 30 levels each. I almost took 3 hours to complete the game and died 2245 times. Mildly annoying yet impressive game. Just remember before playing this game be sure you can control your anger and wont break your phone.

If u wanna see some gameplay watch the video

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