Monday, 30 June 2014

Wnidows Phone 8.1 official update rolling out to Indian devices very soon.

Windows 8.1 has been one of the most anticipated updates of windows phone history and we have been waiting a long time for the official rollout. Everyone in the world is exited for the update and especially people in India.

According to Microsoft India official twitter page " the windows phone 8.1 update will roll out to existing windows phone 8 users during the first two weeks of July ", which is great news for people in India. But what about the rest of the world? In India we don't have the fuss created by carriers like in the most parts of the world. The update should be arriving to all the unlocked phones in a similar time frame nontheless.

Hope this would bring new and exiting features we have been waiting for, like the awesome lockscreen.

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I Surrender! the best annoying and addictive game ever


I Surrender! is one of those games which are soo annoying that it makes u play them over and over again. I mean this game will embarrass you and make you feel defeated sometimes. But at the same time it'll appreciate you and make you feel good if you finish the level. This'll make you wanna play 
this game and finish it.

The game has two parts in a single level. The upper part where it usually annoys you and the lower part where it usually makes you feel good. The game achieves this task by displaying text on the screen which usually reflect your emotions at that level more or less accurately. 




There are obstacles in different shapes that require perfect timing from you to avoid crashing. If you jump too early, you’ll crash. If you jump too late, you’ll crash.

There are leader boards and stuff too.. There are 2 stages which contain 30 levels each. I almost took 3 hours to complete the game and died 2245 times. Mildly annoying yet impressive game. Just remember before playing this game be sure you can control your anger and wont break your phone.

If u wanna see some gameplay watch the video

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Sunday, 8 June 2014

New Facebook Messenger App Update ( 05-06-2014 Version

Facebook has released a new update on 5th june 2014 and made the already slow app even slower. I mean it was bearable before the update on my nokia lumia 520 but after the update it became slower than a snail. 

Not this snail though, this snail is freakin' fast.

The native "Microsoft's" facebook app was crap ( I mean genuine crap). It didn't have any useful features at all and on top of that it sure was buggy and laggy. Then there came the Facebook Official Messenger App, I was so delighted to hear that and installed it with much enthusiasm. But it was a bit slow on my lumia 520, I though arhh.. it should be my limited ram that's causing it to run slow. But hey it was waayy faster and much more reliable than the facebook app itself. I was ok with that fact and learnt to cope with the app's performance. But to make matters worse ( waaayy worse) there came the latest update ( version Bumped up the version number to a whole number and brought a whole lot of problems with it as well. 

The app overall became slow, and the chat messages are sent very late, the seen and typing features were becoming unreliable. But this update brought a couple of new features to the table too. Like,

Groups: Now you can create groups for the people you message most. Name them, set group photos and keep them all in one place.

Instant photo sharing: Take a photo and send it in just one tap. Plus, it's easier to send photos from your gallery.

And in the end they say they are working to make it more reliable and use less data (Yeah, right!! I can see that). 

So if u can avoid this update please do. If u really need those new features only god can help you.

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Best Way To Download Free Unlimited Music On Windows Phone

Listening to music is a perfect pass time for many of us, but finding the
right song which we like and downloading is a big mess. We have to google 
the song and search for it on different sites till we find the high quality 
original song ( not a remix) and download it and transfer it to our phone. But instead of all that fuss just download the MUSIC SENSE app on the windows phone store.

Music Sense is an application to download music on Windows Phone devices. With the application you will be able to download unlimited music into your local music library with ID3 tags and album cover. The application also supports Xbox Music, so you don’t need to edit album cover and tags manually. It is very easy to use and, of course, FREE to download.

With Music Sense Windows Phone app you can download the songs you want easily and quickly. The application is very easy to use. On the home screen you will see 3 categories: Discover, Downloading and Completed. Pressing the Discover button, you can discover best songs of the moment, the latest released songs, top music lists and download the songs you want. The app also feature songs divided between several different genres.
Search and download the music you want:
In the first screen of the app you will see a search button with which you can search the desired songs you want to download. It will search and display several options for you. To find out what appeals to you more, you can listen to music without ever having done downloading. You can also search in your language not only English. Press on the desired music you want to download and it will start downloading immediately, which you can see in the category Downloading. To see the songs already downloaded, will have to enter in the category Completed. The application also supports background download.
Adding the information of the song:
If you want to add information and send the music to the library, simply select the music. Do not know all the information about the song or the album cover of the song? Only know the name of the song, it’s enough. To make your life easier Music Sense lets you browse the music on Xbox Music and download the information. Once you find the music app will add all the information for you, including the album cover!
Music Sense app for Windows PhoneKey features of the app Music Sense for Windows Phone:
  • Download unlimited free music
  • Discover music by new release, top music and genres
  • Support tags and album covers. No unnecessary information
  • Integration with Xbox Music service, so you don’t have to edit tags and album cover manually
  • Have the ability to search in your native language.
  • Search for album covers
  • Support background download
  • User friendly interface and very easy to use
The application Music Sense is free to download and works with Windows phone 8.1 and 8. It’s an interesting application and must have for Windows Phone users.
If you interested, simply follow the link below to download the free app Music Sense for Windows Phone directly from WP Store.
Download Music Sense Windows Phone App (FREE)

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To download or not to download windows phone 8.1 developers preview


I love the windows phone user interface from as long as I remember. I always wanted a windows phone, they had the best user interface ( according to me) on any smartphone. I had received my first windows phone when I was 16, it was a NOKIA LUMIA 520 and I loved it (a lot). But there was always something about the way things are done and app availability made me frustrated and question the reason why I didn't go for an android phone. But there came the news of Windows Phone 8.1 update, I was very exited and eager to install the update on my phone and knowing Microsoft I knew they would deliver the update to my Lumia 520. Finally the time had come( April 14 ) and i installed the developers preview.

So here it is... I finally have windows phone 8.1 on my phone and I loved it. I loved cortana, the notification center, transparent tiles and everything about it. But as I started to use my phone more and more I started to encounter a lot of bugs which started to annoy me again.

One of them are the facebook application which I hated all along my journey with windows phone. It was crap, I use facebook a lot and I can't go through a day without looking at my friends posts and occasionally chatting with them. It was crappy, buggy, unreliable, and slow. That's the only reason I don't recommend windows phone to my friends. And the problem with 8.1 is it doesn't seamlessly integrate with facebook anymore it needs the facebook app to do so. And it doesn't do its job correctly. When i try to sync my contacts from the facebook it says unable to sync, no matter how many times I try. And the most annoying thing is that if I logout from the facebook app all the contacts in my peoples hub loose their contact pics which is very very annoying to me.

The other glitch I encountered is when I take a pic from the camera app and try to delete it, it doesn't get deleted and it usually takes about 4 or 5 times tapping the delete button to finally succeed in doing so.

But as of today after receiving 2 more updates from microsoft it became a bit more stable and user friendly than before which is always a good thing. So to answer the question of whether to install the developer preview or wait for the actual release is that if u are keen on the features windows phone 8.1 brings to the table and don't care about these silly glitches and bugs then go ahead and download it, i'm sure u'll enjoy it. But if u want a stable and reliable experience then don't.

In case u want to install the developers preview follow this link

If u don't know the features windows phone 8.1 brings to the table, then this video will help you with just that

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